version a.2.3


Discrements - Discs

Discrements (discs for short), are the currency/points of the game, it's what you buy stuff with, or if you want, show off with! Type "disc" to get discs and "disc check" to check the amount of discs you have

lifetimes - Lits

Lifetimes (lits for short), are your total lifetime discs, it doesn't change when buying things, not affected by multipliers or bots

Multiplier - Multi

Multiplier, well, multiplies the amount of discs you earn each time, you start with 1x, the more you get, the faster you get discs. Type "disc multi" to buy multipliers and "disc check" to check how many you have, costs 25 discs, sells for 15 discs


Bots work for you, so you don't need to do as much typing, they earn discs while your not even online, more bots = more discs, just 1 night can make you rich! "disc bot" to buy bots and "disc check" to see how many you have, costs 1000 discs, sells for 800 discs