version a.2.3

An incremental game for Discord


Note - game currently in alpha, which means it's incomplete, and more features are coming

What is Discremental?

Discremental is an incremental game, you know, like Cookie Clicker, Universal Paperclips, or Kittens Game, but hear this, made for Discord! *mind blown*

How do I play?

Type/spam "disc" to start earning, well, discs, the in game currency/points, and hey, wanna get more discs faster? Buy multipliers and bots! visit the dictionary or commands page for more information!

Wait, spam?

Every time you type "disc", you get 1 disc (or whatever depending on your multipliers), but if you don't want your server members spamming, you can create a new channel, or even enable slow-mode! And hey, your progress saves cross sever!